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Before the world ordered everyone to stay at home, working with a video editor from afar was still common practice. Anyone who has worked with video editors before knows that it can be specifically difficult to get your vision across with just notes written down in an email. I know personally, I often have to be in the room to shave off those few frames that could take my project from wow to pla-dow! So, what can we do to simulate that experience? Here are 3 best ways to work with a remote video editor.

Video Call

Okay, as a person who doesn’t do many video calls, it’s very beneficial to hear and see your editor if you truly have the opportunity to. Technology is on our side so we might as well use it. The video call can capture some important signals that you may not get over text. Sometimes a client can explain what they want and the editor totally misunderstands and sends a cut that is the exact opposite of what was asked. If the process has been lengthy, some clients might just give up and take whatever you give them. (It happens often!) This is bad news for the editor because chances are, they could have easily performed the task that was asked of them, but because they didn’t get to see that doubtful eye, or maybe a pause in the conversation that could indicate that the client was unhappy with the work, they have now delivered a final product that the client isn’t totally happy with! No bueno. So, when necessary, jump on a call, feel each other out and get the work done! It’s simple enough.

Precision in the Notes

There are 101 different ways an editor can send an edit to their client. YouTube unlisted uploads work well, Google drive and Dropbox are also great, but sometimes, it can leave notes to be a little bit vague. I’ve used both methods and for less complicated videos, they are great methods and have worked perfectly for what we’ve needed. What about the “shave 2 frames off right here” notes? A tool we’ve become accustomed to using is called Frame.io. It’s a system that completely opens up communication between customer and client. You’re able to make notes at specific moments in the video and you can be as detailed as you’d like. It’s literally frame specific so collaborating with one another just a whole lot easier.

The Vision

Editing videos is a technical and creative art form. An editor may know how to add warp stabilizer to make a wonky shot look steady, but that doesn’t mean that they know the pacing and timing the client desires. So as a client, it’s important to clearly explain your vision. “It’s a comedy that is more dry than it is snappy. So when character ‘A’ says something quippy, really allow those reactions to breathe and extended them as long as possible”, is a solid note, verses “just make it as funny as possible”. The final product of each of those notes are two entirely different outcomes! Your vision is ultimately what is steering the ship and we all want to make it to our destinations safely, am I right?

Great Possibilities for You

Let’s make some truly amazing videos together. I’m more than happy to have a KKO editor work on your project! There are many great possibilities for you when you use us at Kelby KO Productions for your video editing needs in Los Angeles and globally. To learn more about the services we can provide, please take the time to come to our website at www.kkopro.com. You can also give our office a call at 818-478-7143 to ask questions or make arrangements for us to edit your next video and make it stand out!

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