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No need to explain how tech has taken over the world and your tech company solves a problem another company didn’t; but are your mission statements clear to your target demographic? Here are 3 types of brand building video styles every tech company needs to help the message get across smoothly.

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The Explainer Video

Tech companies are modern day solutions to modern day problems, but often times, it’s hard to explain to the people exactly what problem your incredible invention solves with text alone. A really engaging video with graphics, beautiful imaging and structured timing can help bridge the gap and even act as a very informing promotional tool. At KKO, we’re dedicated to providing clarity to complex concepts and technical ideas with videos.

The Brand Video

A brand building video connects the dots between your company and your consumers on an emotional level. This brand building video we produced for the yoga streaming platform “Inner Dimension TV” stepped away from the 15 to 30 second model that everyone else is using. We took a moment to tell Denise’s story and connect with yogis who just didn’t know they were even yogis, and we found incredible success with this strategy.

A great brand building video can increase inbound acquisition, with up

to an 80% increase in landing page conversion and is 22x more likely to be shared than regular-degular text.

The Crowdfunding Campaign

Nothing dazzles an investor like a well produced crowdfunding campaign. As you know, money begets money, therefore, showcasing your future billion dollar product to the world for the first time must be a great, high quality first impression. It has to look like you really care. Check out the crowdfunding campaign video we worked on to the right!

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