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Ever since we as a people got hooked on to The Sims, we’ve been obsessed with peeking in on other people’s lives. We find ourselves popping into the homes of our favorite YouTubers, comparing ourselves to them and even guessing if they do the simplest things just like us or not. Sometimes we get to see the travel life we’ve always desired, or the life of the rich and wealthy. For some of us, we watch a vlog and think “I can do that”. The honest truth is…you can. Here are 4 ways to be a better vlogger. Let’s get our video editing subscription service into it.

video editing

1. Destroying Limitations

As video producers and editors, we get asked all the time: “how do I shoot a vlog without a nice camera?” We follow up with this response: “do you own a smartphone?”. You can imagine where the conversation goes from there. There are full episodes of network television shot on cell phones now-a-days. I know you see your favorite vlog family with crispy C300 footage but even they had to start somewhere, right? Shoot on your iPhone, shoot on your Samsung. In most cases, you don’t even have to crank it up to 8k on your Samsung or Pixel! 1080p with decent lighting will start you off right. Sometimes we even have clients asking for that famous “cell phone” look for a more authentic feel. Ultimately, with some crafty editing, you can shoot on almost anything and you’ll be fine. So hey, you…don’t limit yourself.

2. Find Your Light, Hear Your Voice

video editing
Most vlogs have a familiar visual characteristic. They are bright, they are lighthearted and easy on the eyes. So when you’re shooting your vlog, do your best to find your light so that your shot is appealing and, (a very important note) be sure your sound is on point. (Read this blog about sound) Bad sound is a video virus. If we can’t hear every word you’re saying, people will click right back to the that Jenna Marbles video you’ve been seeing on your YouTube home page. So, string up the pretty lights, make sure your hand isn’t covering the microphone and get ready to show the world your day. That’s #2, be seen, be heard.

3. Have A Content Release Schedule

It’s good to be ambitious, but remember, daily vlogging is like cutting out all carbs instantly. Eventually you’ll binge on pizza…or you’ll just stop vlogging. It’s important to find a good balance between vlogging and living. A solid release schedule will give you time to breathe. Being on a schedule will also groom your viewers to know when a new episode will drop as well as what kind of episode will drop (Story-time on Mondays, Family vlog on Wednesday [just an example]), it’ll encourage your watch time to grow, subscriber count to rise and get folks hooked as the weeks progress. Consistency crowns the king, and content is king. Got it

4. Share The Load

video editing subscription service

Alright, you’ve had a nice fun day of vlogging all stored in an SD card, now it’s time to go have dinner and watch an episode of– NO YOU’RE NOT. Time to edit these videos to stay on course with your release schedule! Boy, can it be draining on you and those involved in the vlogging process to have to shoot all day and edit all night. KKO decided to solve that problem. Here is a great way to shoot more, work less and post on time, every time. Check out KKO’s video editing subscription service. There are 3 different affordable packages available that will handle all of the video editing for you. The unlimited service will allow daily vloggers to shoot every day, send over the files and have a video in 48 hours. Wash, rinse, repeat. It’s extremely helpful to stay on track when it comes to releasing videos, growing your fan base and making money. We’re all looking for YouTube and/or Facebook to kick back that check for releasing content on their platform, so having a team is essential to your growth as a vlogger and content creator. So there you have it, don’t do it all alone!

Great Possibilities for You

I know how it feels to film your content but spend way more time editing it. You should be filming more and posting more. We’ve decided to solve this problem for you. Kelby KO Productions now offers a video editing subscription service to relieve of you the stress. For a low monthly fee, we’ll edit your videos within 48 hours and it’ll include amazing high definition royalty free stock footage and audio, lower thirds and titles as well as epic transitions. Choose the best monthly package for you today and make your videos stand out!

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