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A Few Ways Corporate Video Production in Los Angeles Makes an Impact

corporate video production Los Angeles

If there is one industry that can benefit from corporate video production in Los Angeles, it is tourism. Most tourists do a quick online search before picking a place to visit. If your business targets tourists, then the best way to capture their attention on the web is through video. This is one of the […]

Business Video Production Services: What If You’re on a Budget

business video production services

Creating branded video content is one of the easiest ways to capture your audience’s attention. In the past, it used to be something that only Nike, Coca-Cola, and other bigger companies could afford. With the rise of business video production services, however, any company, big or small can choose to create this type of content […]

How Does Working with an Agency Help?

video production Los Angeles

Video production in Los Angeles is helpful if you want to launch a new product or you wish to scale your business. Your audience wants to consume videos, instead of reading text. Thus, if you wish to take your brand image to the next level, consider producing a video to introduce a product or new […]

Create a Video Explainer That is Easily Shared with an Explainer Video Company

explainer video company

If your video explainer is perfectly crafted, you can expect your audience to share it with their friends. This is one of the reasons this type of video is rising in popularity. This style is easy to engage with. Your audience can easily grasp the idea compared to providing them with a lengthy article. Not […]

What is the Optimal Length of a Video to Market Your Brand?

company video production

People watch videos because they want to be entertained. They want to consume content on their own terms. If you do not give them this option, then you are missing out on a lot of things. To avoid missing out on this opportunity, then make sure to collaborate with a company video production agency to […]

Choosing the Right Type of Video Explainer for Your Business

explainer video agency

When you create a video explainer, what do you wish to achieve? In most cases, you want your viewers to walk away with the right knowledge about your brand. Thus, if you are building awareness about your brand, then hiring an explainer video agency can be your best option.  Hiring Explainer Video Agency to Choose […]

2 Ways To Make Your How-To Videos Shine

video editing subscription service

Making corporate or how-to videos? It’s time to make them to the best of your ability. Let’s quickly review two ways to make your how-to videos shine! 1. Framing Let’s remember that videos are of course a visual medium. The viewers will tolerate a few odd shots here and there but ultimately, you want to […]

KKO Productions: Our Services From Pre to Post Production

video editing subscription service

The lights, the cameras and all of the action is sometimes a lot to take in! How do we even get to that point where we’re on set, filming, capturing eye boggling footage for the world to enjoy? Well, welcome to KKO Productions. Let’s get our Video Editing Subscription Service to it. CONCEPT First and […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe To a Video Editing Service

video editing subscription service

I’m so grateful for Pamela Reif, Travis Eliot and Jeanette Jenkins because when I can’t go text on my phone at the gym in between sets, I sweat it out with these three right in my living room. One thing these three entities have in common is that they are content creators. Pamela on Youtube, […]

How a Great Video Edit Can Help Your Kickstarter Campaign

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It’s no secret that a strong Kickstarter campaign requires even stronger visuals to convince your audience into sliding you a few dollars. Recently, we worked with a client that had the footage shot for their campaign as well as a fully edited video but the first edit of their video had run its course. They […]