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The internet has made us all neighbors!

Ok, let’s walk that statement back a bit. The internet has allowed business owners to set up camp in new markets, faster and cheaper than ever. Want to sell shoes? A brick and mortar setup is no longer a need. You can keep the shoes in your garage or storage space and ship them through purchases from your online store. Now all of a sudden, a ton of fashion forward teens and young adults are fans of your company from 3000 miles away. None of this is new, but it’s very important.

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So, now that you’ve setup your company, your strategy is to drum up some attention, attract some interest and start selling your product or service. The first step is typically a race to social media. Photos tend to do pretty ok if you have a really intriguing set of photos to share, but engagement comes with a really, REALLY powerful video campaign.

According to a survey done by Databox, when asked which format drives more ad clicks on Facebook, photo vs video? The outcome was an overwhelming 60% in favor of driving videos more engagement.

It is clear that a well optimized video campaign strategy is the way to go. By well optimized, that could mean that your campaign is paired with a promotional offer, proper marketing dollars or plans for a lengthy usage of the video(s). Luckily, traditional digitals ads are not the be all end all. Creativity is an absolute must, and you can get people to watch 10 ads in a row so long as they are all engaging. Companies like Fabletics, Fashion Nova, Statefarm, and Samsung are using their platforms to release branded content. These video campaigns are longer than the traditional 30 second or 60 second ad, purely to secure their spots in consumer minds in an ever growing competitive space. These campaigns could include bright vibrant video compilations, celebrity endorsements, interesting concepts, funny material or value propositions that offer the general public useful information that only you, an expert, would know about.

When it comes to the finance, Fashion Nova for example spent $40 million on video campaigns and in 2019, revenue surpassed a whopping $400 million. Fabletics uses the same marketing tactics and also boasts an enormous $400 million in revenue in 2019.

For growing brands, KKO Productions offers video services that can represent sustainable brand growth. Maybe you aren’t looking to spend $40 million, but a much smaller figure can make enormous changes in the corporate account just the same. If you’re looking for massive growth, 35%+ annual revenue growth or more, this is the KKO approach.

  1. We do an analytical breakdown of your company. What do you sell, and why? This will hep us understand the approach for your video campaign or campaigns in the moment and for the sake of long term business relationships that’ll allow us to continuously and effectively represent your company behind the lens.

  2. We understand your current audience. Why are people coming to your company over all the others. We’ll take your current formula and introduce it to ours. With that mix, we invite more people to your fold utilizing the same methods you’ve used before, but on a larger scale.

  3. We then grasp your goals. What you’re looking for becomes our problem to solve. Want to reach new markets? Want to make more money? Want to save time? All challenges we’re aiming to solve.

With this information, we get to work on your content strategy. A cool looking video is simply not going to be enough. When your content is created, it is with an intended audience in mind, with your goals in mind, and with your return in mind. We set in place a pathway for your desires to come to fruition. As your brand begins to introduce itself to new territories and sell to a crop of new clients, you can easily see how one video campaign can earn your brand up to 10x ROI if properly done. We will work hand in hand with your marketing team, agency or be happy to offer assistance from our loyal partners in business to help get the videos to the right set of eyeballs, converting attention, into dollars.

Ready to get started? Book a moment to talk to a KKO producer today here: https://calendly.com/kkoproductions/15min

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