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Types of companies we work with and why.

We love working with startups, tech and e-commerce brands. We believe that the greatest tool a growing and newly established brand can use is shaping a narrative through video. The internet has flattened the world, helping relationships develop on an international level. Developing a video strategy with KKO Productions will nurture growth plans more effectively!

We are passionate about building with startups and growing companies

KKO Productions provides the highest quality tool used in modern day marketing. Let’s get to work.

Q&A process can take 15 to 30 mins

You will hear from a team member within 24 hours M-F

Types of content we produce

We’ve produced a wide variety of content and we’ve found that video generally does one of five things. For your convenience, we’ve categorized them for you!


Frequently Asked Questions

Ok, be more specific, what kinds of video do you make?

We make branded videos, web classes, digital ads… and music videos. Ultimately we use our storytelling skills to build your brand!

What kinds of clients does KKO want to work with?

We want to work with small to medium-sized companies. Companies that are building their brand are grinding to get to that next level. With that being said, we also work with clients that have the tools to invest…money….we work with clients who have money. 

Why KKO? My nephew can shoot me a nice video!

Because we GET business. We understand it. When you make that investment, you want something in return. Anyone can make you a video. But, what’s the point when it has no impact? Our videos grow your subscriber base, they get people talking and make you money. They are effective and fun! Also because we’re tight-nit, creative, and love this stuff. Who doesn’t want to work with a hip young team? (BTW we’d love to work with your nephew)

How much does a video cost?

Each video is a unique experience, we should mention that. We’ve yet to shoot two videos with the same budget, however, we look at pricing based on your needs, our abilities to provide, and your intended results. Let’s talk some more! Contact us.

Does KKO provide animated services?

Our post production team handles some animation like lyrics videos and things of that nature. Contact service@kkopro.com or visit the editing page if you have a question about that.

Can I pitch a project to KKO?

In the creative process, you have all the power to approve or disapprove of any of our ideas. If you want to pitch a movie or show to us, sorry that’s not what we handle right now.

Do you guys partner up with other companies?

That can be fun! Naturally, our team will be there by default but yes, we are happy to work with other companies as well as your nephew, the one that makes videos.

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