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Great! You’ve got your short film script done and now what do you do with it? Let’s talk getting your brilliant work from script to screen.


Some folks have a way of turning $100 into $100k. Let’s say you’re not that person. How do you make your $12k budget film with $500 in your bank account? How I did it? K.I.S.S. Keeping it simple silly. You’re a great writer and you KNOW that what is most important: story. The makers of Avengers didn’t start off making $100 million dollar films. They practiced their craft with simple story telling projects.

When I was in college, my teacher would challenge us to create strong table top scenes. Two actors at a table and we can only use dialogue. Try that out and you might learn something about the power of words.


When it comes to creating a film project, it is a collaborative project and in your early days, most people might be working for free. If you can rack focus, act, light, edit, so on and so forth all at once, you’re the 8th wonder of the world. So creating your project will only go as smoothly as your least passionate teammate. If someone is there just to hashtage #setlife but isn’t truly putting in #thework, you might want to find someone else to contribute. Shooting a creative passion project can be frustrating and if everyone isn’t giving it all they’ve got, this can lead to a quick hault to production.

On our next blog post, we’ll talk camera choice and editing! Happy shooting!

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