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The month of April is not extending its visit and it’s nearly another 30 days in the books. As time passes by, we see some are bored in the house and in the house bored, and others staying creative. So you make videos, or you produce videos… the Coronavirus should not have destroyed your content release schedule. Many have taken this time to get into their wildly creative bag and create amazing Tiktok videos for our general entertainment, home work out routines for those who aren’t looking to lose any gains while gyms are closed and some have created a performance space for music lovers to enjoy. Our video editing subscription service will make you stand out.

Verzuz, a platform for music legends and current artist to battle their hits on Instagram live, was pioneered by legendary music icons Swizz Beatz and Timbaland. The battles have attracted massive audiences, shattering former Instagram Live records to absolute pieces. We’ve seen the likes of T-Pain, Ne-Yo and Lil John prop up their iPhones and provide content for the masses. Despite mishaps like the Teddy Riley vs Babyface battle, we still clocked over 400k viewers!

We’ve seen Saturday Night Live create from home, we’ve seen our favorite celebs singing Disney songs and the list goes on and on. My only question for you is have you been keeping up?

If you’ve been productive and creative, your iPhone (or Samsung, we don’t hate) should be showing its true value in recent days. With entertainment options limited, the public is seeking, searching and watching all forms of content. Is yours ready to be amongst the mix?

This is an optimal time to stay creative, passionate and confident about your work. It can either be a dream or a goal to leave quarantine with new followers, subscribers or clients and ultimately, make more money. Maintain your content schedule and keep pushing for your content goals! The time you have at home, if your household is healthy, is defined by you. Productive or….bored in the house while you’re in the house bored…

Great Possibilities for You

I know how it feels to film your content but spend way more time editing it. You should be filming more and posting more. We’ve decided to solve this problem for you. Kelby KO Productions now offers a video editing subscription service to relieve of you the stress. For a low monthly fee, we’ll edit your videos within 48 hours and it’ll include amazing high definition royalty free stock footage and audio, lower thirds and titles as well as epic transitions. Choose the best monthly package for you today and make your videos stand out!

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