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No surprise here, the holiday season is upon us and no matter what the circumstances are, people are known to do one thing this time of year and that is spend. Capitalizing on the season of giving could be the difference between a small company even seeing next year, a medium sized company flourishing through a tough year, and a large company grabbing every dollar that’s on the table to meet their tough goals. So it’s time we use a proven strategy to soar into 2021, and that is a well optimized video strategy.

It’s clear that investing in great video content is an almost sure fire strategy that leads to a return on your investment. So let’s set aside how great the video(s) will be for a moment because we already know they’ll be great!

The Facts

In a report done by smartinsights.com, it was proven that videos embedded on your website lead to startling a 80% increase in conversion rates! Emails with a video have a 96% higher click-through rate in comparison to emails without videos! When it comes to leads, we all search for qualified leads. The potential clients that check off all the essential components on your ‘must-have’ list and we know how difficult it is to get qualified leads in our sales pipeline. This upcoming stat is sure to offer you some immediate satisfaction. Video marketers enjoy dealing with a 66% increase of QUALIFIED leads on an annual basis! Imagine applying the laws of averages with these new leads; the potential for new business with qualified leads is enormous!

Let’s talk branding. In today’s day and age, well-optimized video content lifts your brand awareness up by over 54%. That’s a ton of eyeballs being introduced to your company! A whopping 82% of brands claim that well-optimized video content strategies have been the key source of ROI for their businesses. Video is sweeping the world, which is why over there was an increase of 55% of small businesses using video in 2018. That’s a huge increase and if you’re worried of over saturation, it’s impossible since everyone runs a different type of company and optimizes their content differently!

Video Strategy

How Can KKO Help

Now that we know how valuable video content is, it’s time you make the right choice to make an investment that’s sure to make a return. At KKO Productions, we are goal driven. Our creative team creates content that is specific to your goals, needs and desires. Here is one for example:

Our clients wanted to reach a specific audience that wasn’t receiving the core message of the company the way the client aspired. An ad just wasn’t going to cut it. Our creative team created a new strategy that produced content that was very different from their core content that eventually resonated with that desired audience and brought in a new book of business!

There is no cookie cutter strategy at KKO to bring your brand success. We offer custom creative content that is developed based on your vision and how you want to grow. We develop a strategy, write scripts, produce the content and edit your videos. We then give your marketing team the work to implement their strategies.

Your Move

Video Strategy
This holiday season is the right time to blow some holiday magic on your business. As we move into 2021, the first quarter of the new year will be defined by today’s investment. Will you be growing or just staying afloat?

Set up a free15 minute consultation session with a KKO expert today to get started on your journey.

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