About Us

Founded in 2012 by Kelby Joseph, KKO has developed from a guy with a camera, to an established group of incredible people who put their hearts in their work. Because of Kelby’s ultimate desire to serve, customer service is what has kept the company entering through the doors of clients such as Time

Our team is deeply invested in the development of incredible partners, empowering ideas and innovation. We create content for advertising purpose, but we are storytellers, filmmakers, nerds and artists and we are ready to serve you.

Meet The Team
Kelby Joseph

Executive Producer & Founder

I love this industry, I love solving problems, I love working out, and I love ruining it all with a tasty meal. I believe in my team and I’m so grateful to have them on my side. 2012 BFA grad, 2019 MBA grad.

Alicia Raye

Production Manager

Stateside Puerto Rican with a passion for production. I love seeing projects come to life, but being part of the process is even better! When I’m not doing that, I’m probably at the beach or hanging with my husband & daughter.

Chris Saballos

Video editor

Hispanic American from LA with an affinity for film. I enjoy playing guitar, filming, photography, and video games. My favorite film: Is hook. My favorite band: is Foo Fighters. Favorite company: Vans.

What makes the KKO team so great?

Results Are key.

Offering quality to our customers is simply not enough. At KKO we are inspired and moved by results.

When you make the investment to work with KKO, we expect our work to do one or all 4 of our key result components that will help build your business.

We aim to make videos that save you time, that will help you make more money, that will help you be more effective, and lastly, build stronger relationships with your staff as well as clientele.

We Love A Challenge.

We love to create methodical plans that will help you reach your specific goal.

If you aim to grow your business, make more money and be more effective, but you’re not quite sure how to utilize video to do that, we will gladly take on the challenge.

We're Magicians..

While it’s true, you can’t make something out of absolutely nothing, but we sure have created incredible things out of very, very little

Our clients trust us to make their dollar stretch as far as possible and it just so happens that that is our special skill. Our staff is creative, thrifty, sharp and always on top of it.

We're Friendly

No one wants to work with someone they don’t like.

It’s just not the vibe. We’re open, friendly, kind, and positive, even at those 3am call times. We want to share some light with you so that it can reflect back on it. We look forward to a great experience with you!

Turning Complex Ideas Into Palatable Videos

KKO Productions is connected to the idea of removing the stigma of tech for a hyper-segmented group of people. Complex ideas, inventions, and products often need a compelling narrative that reshapes ideas and makes them palatable for new audiences. KKO Productions, (also known as Kelby KO Productions) was started by Kelby Joseph in 2012. Kelby came to Los Angeles seeking a career in entertainment, but during the tech boom of the late 2000s, he noticed the rise of solo and entrepreneurs. Their ideas captivated the world and many of the ones that stood the test of time changed the world forever. Those that failed had a commonality. Failure to capture intended audiences

It was with this realization that KKO Productions was born with a mission to help all companies simplify, clarify and deliver their products or services with video.KKO has since partnered with incredible writers, researchers, directors, cinematographers, and animators to develop content for startups, established brands as well as legacy brands

Our process at KKO Productions is what we call “script-to-screen” and we do like it this way. Our research and development team thoroughly calculates a plan of attack for your content by using our previous productions as well as high performing content produced by other entities to make absolute number crunchers for your brand.

After a healthy R&D process, we hit record in beautiful locations, using the same cameras that film Super Bowl ads and include music from talented artists and our studio networks spanning all around North America. The mixture of purpose and high quality gives us the high end result driven piece of content that makes heads spin.

Our resume showcases that we’ve worked with not only the best in the business, but we’ve also helped develop some of the best in the business over time as well. We’ve partnered with Inner Dimension TV, Stratia, Coachella, Toyota, Nissan, Complyant (company went out of business), and Avvir. These partnerships has ended with incredible increases in sales, such as over $50,000 per day in digital downloads, a massive increase in brand awareness and wonderful breakdowns of complex technology for the average person. Our 5 star reviews showcase the amazing response we get from our dynamic clientele and partners.

Our nearly 10 years of experience has taught us how powerful our ideas are; how effective a compelling video campaign can be and how incredibly fun we can have with brilliant, youthful thought leaders.

We are KKO Productions, we produce tech explainer videos, product videos, television and digital commercials, brand videos, courses, and ongoing corporate content. We develop strategies from scratch, even if you come with us with a need but with no clue where to start. If you are an entity that believes in the power of high-quality, highly researched video,reach out to us,  and let’s make something amazing.