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3 Reasons Why You Should Subscribe To a Video Editing Service

I’m so grateful for Pamela Reif, Travis Eliot and Jeanette Jenkins because when I can’t go text on my phone at the gym in between sets, I sweat it out with these three right in my living room. One thing these three entities have in common is that they are content creators. Pamela on Youtube, Travis at Inner Dimension TV and Jeanette as a guest trainer on PopSugar. Releasing videos is a huge aspect of their lives and naturally it creates sustainable income and businesses. So, how can you be a power producer, releasing a ton of videos monthly on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook but also save time and money? The answer is a video editing subscription service. Here are three reasons why you should subscribe to a video editing service. Let’s get into it.

1. It Saves You Time

video editing subscription service

It’s no secret that you can film for 45 minutes and then spend 6 to 8 hours

editing that raw footage, adding in cool transitions, learning how to do it if you’re unfamiliar, spending time picking the right songs, making sure that the piece is perfect by adding in titles and lower thirds… You could have simply spent that time shooting 2 more videos, hanging with your friends, having dinner with your family and let’s keep it truthful…sleeping. But no, you were stuck editing your video. At first, it’s kind of exciting because it’s where you piece it all together and see your video come to life, but if you’re naturally an “idea person” and a performative person, it can really drain you when you have a new idea, but have 3 or 4 videos in the tuck left to work on. Instead, you could just send it to your dedicated editor who can get your videos done in 48 hours while you vlog your Disneyland adventure with your friends. So that’s the first one, it’ll save you time.

2. It’ll Save You Money

video editing subscription service

If you are not personally editing your videos, you are getting it done by an editor. The going rate for a pretty simple video edit with little to no color grading, no sound mixing and few revisions is about $150-$200. If you’re attempting to or are releasing 4 videos per month, you’re paying $600 to $800. Oh no. Check this out, stick to your 4 video per month schedule and pay a flat fee of $299. Now if you’re a power producer and you are trying to put out more than 4, no problem, unlimited videos per month for only $615.

Another angle is if you’re monetized on Facebook or Youtube, a heavy editing workload can mean that releases are slowing down and ultimately losing you money. One thing I don’t like, is losing money. A subscription will help you stay on track.

3. It Adds Production Value

As a content creator, we’re sometimes forced to be a jack of all trades and ultimately masters of none. We may have incredible on-camera skills and technically know how to operate Adobe Premiere, but truthfully, it’s not your bag. Don’t worry about that anymore, not only are these editors solely focused on editing, they’ve got the catalogue of hi-def royalty free stock footage and audio, Adobe After Effects presets, and more that’ll add some flavor to your videos in their back pockets. It can take your videos from Slamdance to Sundance, all within 48 hours. That’s the third one, it’ll make your videos shine!

When it comes to building your content empire, it’s never done alone. Building your team requires trust, efficiency and effectiveness. Now is your chance to surround yourself with only the best. With a video editing subscription service, you’ll be sure to save your time to shoot more videos, make more money by releasing more videos and insures your videos are top notch which will appeal to way more people (making you more MONEY!). Simple problems require simple solutions!

Great Possibilities for You

I know how it feels to film your content but spend way more time editing it. You should be filming more and posting more. We’ve decided to solve this problem for you. Kelby KO Productions now offers a video editing subscription service to relieve of you the stress. For a low monthly fee, we’ll edit your videos within 48 hours and it’ll include amazing high definition royalty free stock footage and audio, lower thirds and titles as well as epic transitions. Choose the best monthly package for you today and make your videos stand out!

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