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Founded in 2012 by Kelby Joseph, KKO has developed from a guy with a camera, to an established group of incredible people who put their hearts in their work. Because of Kelby’s ultimate desire to serve, customer service is what has kept the company entering through the doors of clients such as Time

Our team is deeply invested in the development of incredible partners, empowering ideas and innovation. We create content for advertising purpose, but we are storytellers, filmmakers, nerds and artists and we are ready to serve you.

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How Does Working with an Agency Help?

Video production in Los Angeles is helpful if you want to launch a new product or you wish to scale your business. Your audience wants to consume videos, instead of reading text. Thus, if you wish to take your brand image to the next level, consider producing a video to introduce a product or new service. 

Communicate Your Message Using Video Production in Los Angeles 

It is not enough to produce a video to introduce your product or service. You need a great video to communicate your message at various levels in your customer journey. This can help in strengthening content creation. But before you produce one, make sure that you know what your goals are and who your target audience is. 

Other Things to Consider 

When producing a video for your business, you need to know who the people you wish to reach or watch them. You also need to know how to measure the success of your campaign. Most of all, you need to plan your budget. When you know all of these things, it will be a lot easier to communicate your message and goals in your video. 

You also need to know these things especially if you are hiring an agency to make your videos. The agency will make video content creation more efficient. Hiring a good agency can help in solving your issues and work with you thoroughly to help you achieve your goals. It does not matter whether you want more sales or boost brand awareness. The right agency can help you meet this target. 

What You Want the Video to Look Like 

The agency you wish to hire must know what type of video you wish it to produce. Think about what the final video will look like. Do you have an idea of what the tone must be like? How will it work for you? You may also consider writing a script or you can let the agency write the script for you. 

You must decide on these things before the video production starts. This is to ensure that the agency will build your video that meets your timeline and budget. You should also get a good grasp of the formals for the platform on which the content will be shared. When you know all of these things, you can start talking to the agency you wish to hire. Keep in mind that you can ask as many questions as you want to better understand the agency and know whether it is a good fit for you. 

Establish the Timeline

It is also important that the agency has the capacity to create the video that you want. Perhaps, it has already done so in the past. That’s why it is vital to study its portfolio and ask if the agency can deliver the content that you want within your budget and time frame. 

We Love to Help You 

Do you need to create a corporate video for your products and services? Our video production in Los Angeles is ready to assist you. Just send us an email to schedule an appointment with our experts today.

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