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Founded in 2012 by Kelby Joseph, KKO has developed from a guy with a camera, to an established group of incredible people who put their hearts in their work. Because of Kelby’s ultimate desire to serve, customer service is what has kept the company entering through the doors of clients such as Time

Our team is deeply invested in the development of incredible partners, empowering ideas and innovation. We create content for advertising purpose, but we are storytellers, filmmakers, nerds and artists and we are ready to serve you.

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KKO Productions: Our Services From Pre to Post Production

The lights, the cameras and all of the action is sometimes a lot to take in! How do we even get to that point where we’re on set, filming, capturing eye boggling footage for the world to enjoy? Well, welcome to KKO Productions. Let’s get our Video Editing Subscription Service to it.


First and foremost, you have an idea. You want to shoot a music video, or a live webinar,

video editing subscription service

a real estate video, a short film, an advertisement, a demo reel/ acting reel, a social media video, an interview or a live event…(phew)…OR MORE! You first want to define your concept. Have just an idea? No problem. We have talented writers on the team that have written treatments and copy for some of the coolest people and companies in the world. We will develop your idea from writing the script to creating story boards and shot lists. Creativity is our job and we enjoy it! So there you have it, our first service is helping you define your concept.


Ok, so you have this great idea about a man who builds a space ship in his back yard and flies off to the moon. That’s a great idea, honestly. Now, before we pull out our cameras, our grip truck and our slate, let’s find out how much this idea will cost you. We are happy to put the numbers down on paper for you, describing the cost of your every desire down to the departments. That goes from pre-production and production costs like permits, rentals and crew, to post production costs like video editing, sound mixing and mastering and stock footage fees for videos you may want. So don’t worry, we can create the perfect budget to get your vision from script to screen.


In this stage and industry, planning is key. If you plan for most things, you’ve already succeeded. So in the pre-production stage, we’ve already solidified your concept, so what’s next? Well, now we pull our team together. Sometimes our in-house team is all that is required to get the job done. Other times, we need to bring along more camera operators, or another production sound mixer, or a gaffer or make up artist or…well you get the point. So we’ve established our team, what’s next? Then we help find your locations. Want to shoot in an alley? We’ll find the perfect alley. Want to shoot in a cool lofty warehouse, we’re on it. Need permits to shoot in these locations? No problem, we’ll take care of filing that for you. Want your shoot to be catered? We have options. Next, we create your shooting schedule and make sure our entire team, no matter the size, are all on the same page. Then we make our purchases: hard drives, costumes, if needed, so on and so forth.


Oh boy, now we’re at that point where the lights are shining, the cameras are rolling and

video editing subscription service

sound is speeding. In production, we most likely will run into some kind of issue. Planes flying by, neighbors blasting music but only after we’ve pressed record, so on so forth. It’s a natural part of the job. Now, luckily, the KKO team isn’t new to issues. In fact, we handle them with a smile on our faces as we find on-the-spot solutions. Some beautiful things have been created because an unexpected problem introduced us to a wonderful solution. We’re either lucky or just that experienced. *Wink*. Alright, the day is over, you memorized your lines perfectly, or if you’re like me, you improv them because remembering is hard, and you head off home. Our job does not end here!


This is where the heat meets the ingredients. This is where the movie gets made! Post production can entail a variety of aspects. In a simple production, where we need just simple edits, your KKO editor will slice your footage up to perfection. Another aspect of video editing is color grading and color correction. This is where we create the tone and look of your movie. Want it to look icy and isolated? Or how about warm and vibrant? All of that, we take care of in the coloring process.

Video Editing

Many times our clients are shooting videos that they hope to post within the next few days. Videos that need piecing together and some color grading we’ll gladly add royalty free stock footage and audio from our catalogue to add production value and we’ll have an edit for you in 48 hours. Yep, 2 days (or less). If you’re a power producer, you’ll be able to utilize this video editing service as many times as you’d like every month for a low monthly fee. Check out the KKO video editing subscription service. If you’re looking for a more one-on-one experience for a project that requires more detail, time and effort, we are happy to build out a custom package for your needs. Not a problem.


Some of us have heard it before but here’s a quote that may seem a little weird. Ready?

“The most important part of the movie is the sound”. I heard it from the 2016 film All About The Money. But ultimately, it’s 100% true. If your sound is flat out bad, it doesn’t matter how sleek your shots are, it’ll be too hard to watch and people will turn it off. So to solve this issue, we’ve partnered with one of the greatest post production sound mixing and mastering studios in California: Eravox Studios. Together, we’ll elevate your sound quality to the next level. Adding in professional sound design, mixing it so it sounds like your favorite movie and mastering it so that it sounds good on any headphone or monitor speaker. That’s how we do it. Though this service does not come with the video editing subscription service, it’s worth the investment!

Graphics and Visual Effects

Lastly, handling graphics and visual effects can be an interesting request therefore difficult to describe. That being said, we’ve worked on eye popping lyric videos, 2D animations and more. Have a special request? Feel free to email us at [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help you to the best of our ability.

When it’s all said and done, all of the work is open to revision until you say that you absolutely love it! That’s how we operate here at KKO. Contact us and let us know what you are working on next! Until next time!

Great Possibilities for You

I know how it feels to film your content but spend way more time editing it. You should be filming more and posting more. We’ve decided to solve this problem for you. Kelby KO Productions now offers a video editing subscription service to relieve of you the stress. For a low monthly fee, we’ll edit your videos within 48 hours and it’ll include amazing high definition royalty free stock footage and audio, lower thirds and titles as well as epic transitions. Choose the best monthly package for you today and make your videos stand out!

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